New Construction

When looking to purchase a home, you may have difficulty finding a home that meets all of your specifications. In this case, building a home may be a great option for you! By building a home, you have the option to choose your location, lot, floorplan and home size, and any additional features that you wish to be included on your property.

Finding the right builder that will be able to assist you in this endeavor is key. There are many builders that will have real estate agents working for them, and they will offer to assist you with your needs with purchasing. However, that agent has a fiduciary duty to the builder. Their job is to protect the interests of the builder that they have a signed contract with. So, while they may be happy to give you information and help you through the process, they are not there to protect YOUR best interest.  That is why having a buyer’s representative, that is, a Realtor® that is solely working for you, is incredibly important when approaching new construction.