Seller Property Condition Disclosures (SPCD)

The Seller Property Condition Disclosure is a document completed by the seller of a home, listing any known issues with the property and any remodel projects completed during the time they owned the home.  The seller is required to provide the SPCD  within the Seller Property Condition Disclosure Deadline specified in the Real Estate Purchase Contract.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to review the information and address any issues within the Due Diligence Deadline.  While the information provided in this document is helpful, it is by no means a substitution for a home inspection by a licensed inspector.

In most cases, a Realtor® can ask to see the SPCD on a home prior to making an offer.  However, when buying bank-owned homes buyers won’t receive these documents since the bank isn’t required to provide details about the condition of the home.  Every transaction is different, and the Real Estate Purchase Contract dictates the specifics.

Examples of Seller Disclosure issues include:

  • Structural, settling, electrical, or plumbing issues
  • Lead paint, radon, asbestos, or toxic mold
  • Pests or wood-destroying insects
  • Flood or wildfire danger
  • Toxins in the local soil or water
  • Water rights (in dry or desert climates)